Samsung’s Slate and Chronos

SAMSUNG HAS added to its new range of portable PCs with its SLATE PC Series 7 and Series 7 CHRONOS, due imminently on the NZ market.

The versatile SLATE PC Series 7 claims to feature all the performance and productivity of a desktop PC with the usability and portability of a tablet.
The SLATE works just like a regular PC when using the docking station and keyboard, but the screen behaves just like a tablet when removed from the docking station.
It uses Windows 7 and weighs 860g.
The Series 7 CHRONOS is a handsome notebook encased in a thin aluminium frame. It wakes up in just two seconds, packs a powerful eight hours of battery life, and boasts of its super-speed.
The CHRONOS features Intel’s Core i7 Quad Core and ExpressCache technology, providing an extra 8GB of flash memory on the motherboard.

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