Cambridge 651BD Blu-ray Universal Player

Cambridge Audio has announced the baby brother of its acclaimed audiophile 751BD Blu-ray Universal Player.
The 651BD Blu-ray Universal Player offers support for BD-3D, handles all the latest surround sound formats, includes QDEO video processing and has twin HDMI outputs.
Despite its affordable price point, Cambridge reckons the 651BD’s audio performance is every bit as impressive as its video abilities. Cirrus Logic audio DACs and attention to the design of audio circuits ensures this player sounds truly amazing, whether playing music or movies.
The 651BD not only supports Blu-ray discs, but also CD, HDCD, DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and SA-CD.
Its twin HDMI outputs enable concurrent connection to TV and projector – both fully compatible with the HDMI 1.4 standard for 3DTV and Deep Colour support.
The primary output also features a high quality Marvell QDEO video scaler with motion adaptive noise reduction for quiet and natural video that’s free from noise and artefacts.
The 651BD also boasts a sophisticated upscaling processing system enabling all movies to be experienced in 1080p resolution.
The 651BD Blu-ray Universal Player will retail in NZ for $1299.

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  1. Looks pretty much identical to the Oppo BDP-93

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