Sony Launches Internet TV range

It’s definitely been a busy time for the folks lately at Sony, and while Gazza Steel was busy checking out their new tablet and E-Reader (and gorging himself on free lunches) during his junket to Sydney I popped along to the Sony store in Newmarket to check out the all-new internet TV range.
First up: they’re killer tellies, with excellent picture quality in 2D (didn’t check out the 3D thing) and a veritable raft of connectivity and on-board features such as Bravia Internet video: over 20 internet channels are available with free access (apart from the Wiggles channel which is subscription based – boo hoo) including a live music concert site – how about Anthrax live, and for free in decent quality. How cool is that I muttered to myself, and Sony has incorporated a full internet browser, social networking (you can even add widgets for FB and Twitter), DLNA and built in Wi-Fi on the top 3 models (you’ll need a USB wireless dongle for the other 3) and you’ll never need to rush to a computer again (unless you have tons of boring Excel files to create, of course).

Sony NZ Product Training Manager Tuki Huck (he’s Tahitian don’t you know) took me on a magic carpet ride through the myriad functions incorporated in the new range, the demo was via the extremely snazzy flagship 55” HX925 panel and it was impressive to say the least.
All 6 new models in the Internet TV range use Sony’s new X-Reality picture engine for stunning imagery when viewing 2 or 3D content, the HX925 and HX820 using the X-Reality Pro variant of the engine for even better picture quality.

The 4 top models are all 3D capable, while the bottom 2 offer full internet capability without the whizz-bang 3D experience.
Combine a webcam (available for an extra cost) and you’re up and running with Skype, which is included in all the new models.

Another Sony-only is connectivity to Sony Music’s Music Unlimited cloud-based music subscription service with over 7 million tracks available to owners of compatible Sony products (PS3/PSP/Bravia tv’s/Blu-Ray players etc), any Android phone and PC or Mac users.
Tuki was quick to point out that while other tv manufacturers offer internet on their product, no other manufacturer offers so many internet channels for free – in fact Sony has more than twice the number of free internet channels than the nearest competitor.

Here’s a little ripper of an ad on YouTube for your viewing pleasure concerning the new Sony Internet TV range.!

Gauntlet? Consider it well and truly thrown down, so view the new range at your local retailer and decide for yourself.

Gary Pearce

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