40Hz bass from an ultra- portable speaker? WOWee!

Sick of your ungrateful kids annoying you with crappy sound emanating from their expensive but gutless smartphones (that you more than likely paid for)? Or maybe you’re about to do a spot of travel but don’t want to lug around bulky and heavy speakers to accompany your iPad or funky netbook.

Luckily for you, local distributor Siesta! has just announced the launch of the very interesting WOWee One portable speaker system designed for busy peeps on the move, and although extremely diminutive in size the audio claims are rather startling to say the least.
How about a 40Hz – 20Khz frequency response? And this from a product just slightly larger than an iPod Touch?

The secret lies in the design. The USB-chargeable WOWee One uses a conventional cone driver for mids and highs, but their own patented ‘Gel Audio’ miniature subwoofer to produce what amounts to a stupendous bass response given the size of the little blighter.
Combine this with a pliable gel base for maximum energy transfer and all that’s needed is a flat surface to attach the WOWee One.
Intrigued as I was, I couldn’t wait to get my feverish mitts on one to try out. Luckily for me the gracious chaps at Siesta! gave me two, as I’m a stereo kind of guy.
My first impressions (if vocalised) upon hearing one WOWee One (no pun intended) went along these lines: “Eh, you can’t be serious – where’s the 6 inch sub?”
So stay tuned for a full review, if my internal organs can hack the 40Hz punishment…


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  1. It would be interesting to see the measurements on that. 40Hz at how many dB?

  2. Hmmm… use one of these for teaching sessions with powerpoint wwhere sound is required for video segments, etc. I’d say that the sound quality is surprisingly good (i.e. clear), though not “hi-fi”. A large solid resonating board is also a necessity to get that bass, but you have to be careful as if it’s too big it can dominate.

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