Superb dCS gear now available in NZ

The entire range of superb dCS gear is to be made available in New Zealand by Auckland-based high-end importer/distributor, Orange Road.

“dCS is a British company dedicated to the design, engineering & manufacture of superior performing digital audio components,” says Tom Davidson, owner of Orange Road. “At dCS all products are designed from the ground up & are built individually by hand in the UK to ensure superb product quality & reliability.”

dCS products include:

* dCS Scarlatti – A complete system comprising CD/SACD Transport, DAC, Master Clock & Upsampler

* dCS Paganini – A system as close as possible in performance to Scarlatti, but more accessible

* dCS Puccini – A high end system in one box – upsampling, DAC, clock & CD/SACD player in a single unit

* dCS Debussy – The latest award winning digital playback system.

Here are a few choice media quotes about dCS products:

“And the last thing to report that this (Debussy) DAC does is deliver the best USB sound I have ever heard.” Alan Taffel, HiFi+ 2011

“I can’t overstate how much I enjoyed music through the Puccini/U-Clock . . . This is a digital front end I could live with for the rest of my life.” Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound 2010

“Well there you have it, the best digital sources I’ve yet heard (Scarlatti & Puccini)” Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound 2008


  1. We have the excellent Debussy in at Turned On Audio. It sounds magnificent!

  2. geezus, the noise on that video clip makes my ears hurt !

    thank the lord they sound much better in real life !

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