Björk is innovative again (shock, horror)

Like a lot of guys, we here at Witchdoctor have a latent but deeply etched respect for Icelandic chanteuse Bjork, but don’t actually enjoy her music that much.

We have to admit, however, that her latest project does sound rather intriguing. What we mean by the word ‘sound’ is that reading about it makes you want to hear it. We haven’t actually heard it. Yet.

Björk’s record company describe the album, Biophilia, as “her most ambitious and interdisciplinary project to date – a multi-media project comprising studio album, apps, a new website, custom-made musical instruments, live show and educational workshops.” Righto.

“She has collaborated with app developers, scientists, writers, inventors, musicians and instrument makers to create a unique multi-media exploration of the universe and its physical forces – particularly those where music, nature and technology meet.” Uh. Huh!

The aspects of this project that will make the naughty parts of technology buffs tingle are the apps (one app for each track on the album) which will “serve as a three-dimensional galaxy in which the initial apps appear as constellations, and the others are added to the collection at regular intervals thereafter”; the set of unique musical instruments created especially for the forthcoming tour (including four 10-foot pendulum-harps); and the relaunched website, which uses “the very latest HTML5 technology”. Tried sampled it, but with our ancient technology, nothing much seemed to work. Check it out for yourself at:

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  1. Bjork came on radio B today while I was driving home, her tone in my opinion is really depressing and made me change the station to avoid wanting to drown my self.
    Not really my taste in music but I must say I did enjoy listening to the new song from the Pajama Party by Neil Finn and his wife and the interview with him in England on tour.

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