I noticed an advert for LG’s 3D TVs in a couple of British newspapers. The ad promotes enjoying the thrills of the cinema at home with your friends and family. Note that last bit…”friends and family”.

LG UK has obviously cottoned onto the fact that families are often made up of more than two people and that even two person families have friends who sometimes pop round to watch sport or Desperate Housewives (or suchlike dreck), so the company supplies no less than seven sets of 3D glasses to complement panels with a wide viewing angle.

This is theoretically a huge improvement over the panels that come with only a couple of glasses, assuming of course that the 3D effect is worthwhile from the far edge of the couch, next to the gas emitting dog. Also assuming that you think 3DTV is worth having at all….I’m as yet unconvinced but initiatives such as this move from LG UK are probably a step in the right direction.


  1. And… I’ll soon be putting an item up about those glasses. LG have switched to a more low-cost, and much lighter model that’s passive (doesn’t need switching on, so doesn’t use up batteries either).

  2. Which explains the sudden generosity…

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