Naim Audio Introduces FraimLite

Naim Audio has introduced FraimLite, a stripped back version of the reference Fraim product. FraimLite is the entry-level model in the Fraim range and operates on the same principles as Fraim, providing a rigid, self-leveling platform that isolates hi-fi separates from each other and from their environment. Its simplified design results in a more affordable and simpler-to-set-up equipment support system.

The FraimLite uses the same materials, minimal contact cone and cup interfaces and floor spikes as the Fraim but it forgoes the Fraim’s glass sub-shelf and ball bearing decouplers and has only a single base layer. This accounts for the difference in performance between the two models and has the advantage of making FraimLite more cost effective and easier to transport and assemble.

Various heights and finishes are available to match the settings of the room in which the system will be situated. Uprights are available in black or natural anodised aluminium and come in a choice of three lengths: standard, medium and tall. Shelving panels are available in ash, black ash and cherry real wood veneers.

Pricing is as follows:

The Base Unit (which also acts as a shelf) is $1100

Small $885 each or two for $1500
Medium $1000
Large $1100

There’s a current special price for a Base Unit and one small shelf – $1500

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