Lexar Releases High-Speed SDXC Cards

128Gb on a piece of plastic the size of your thumbnail? It’s hard to believe, especially if you remember the days of 4Mb and 8Mb SIMM modules but it’s true.

Lexar has announced the availability of new Professional SDXC cards, with 64Gb and 128Gb capacities. These 133x speed rated class 10 cards provide a minimum guaranteed transfer speed of 20MB per second, which makes them ideal for capturing storing huge amounts of 1080p HD video. They include the latest version of Image Rescue software to help recover lost or deleted photo and video files.

Both cards are available from specialty photo retailers and consumer electronics outlets including Bond & Bond, Noel Leemings and The Warehouse. Pricing is as follows:

Lexar Professional 133x SDXC 64GB $386

Lexar Professional 133x SDHC 128GB $657

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