Audiophiliacs on YouTube

There’s a very entertaining column in the latest issue of English music mag, The Wire.

The columnist is obsessed with a YouTube video called ‘New Cables For My Stereo’.

In the video, we get to stare at the guy’s hi-fi system while it plays an Enya song, which demonstrates his fabulous new custom-made cables.

But, of course, there’s no way we can hear how fabulous the system is on a YouTube clip!

The columnist writes: “I watch this video often for inspiration. It’s all here, somehow. There are two things happening in this video: one is the event being documented, the second is what happens when that documentation is presented on YouTube. Each of these situations plays against each other to produce my favourite video URL of the last few years.”

The hi-fi system features a Threshold SA3 amp, a Soundcraftsmen Pro Control 3 preamp, a MSB Daclink III DAC, a Squeezebox player, a Yamaha CDC 585, and Usher S520 speakers.

I don’t know who is more disturbed: the hi-fi nut who posted the video, or the columnist.

But I have to admit, there is something compelling about it.

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