Valves, Valves and More Valves

A new website has been set up to support one of the few shops in NZ dedicated to the good old audio valve (or tube if you prefer).

Paul Burgess’ website at offers a wide selection of vintage valves as well as his custom made turntable covers. Available valves include genuine new old stock 70’s and 80’s Russian military models, Mullards and Telefunkens etc.

He’s still loading everything that’s in stock onto the site but if you’re looking to tune up your valve based audio gear, or your guitar amp for that matter, Paul may be able to help. Gary Pearce has a set of vintage valves in his CD player and both him and Steel swear by what they’re hearing.


  1. I’ll second that Ash. Paul is an extremely nice guy and very passionate about valve audio – who doesn’t want to purchase from nice knowledgeable people who are passionate about what they do?

  2. Thought I should let you know that I am having
    a half price sale on some EL 84 and 12AX7 tubes on Trade
    If you have tube buddies or blogs that you can pass the good word onto
    I would appreciate it

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