Samsung NZ releases new notebooks, printers

Samsung has revealed its new 9 Series notebook, along with its new netbooks.

The Samsung 9 Series Notebook is a premium laptop weighing 1.31kg and with a depth of 16mm. The company claims it’s the world’s “lightest and slimmest premium notebook.”

The 9 Series is equipped with a vivid ‘SuperBright Plus’ display (400nit) that has a 16 million colour reproduction, and is encased in a durable new material, Duralumin.

The notebook is equipped with 2nd Generation Intel Core i5 Processor with 4GB memory, and “accelerates performance by dynamically allocating processing power where it’s needed most using Intel’s intelligent Turbo Boost technology 2.0, so users can operate while conserving energy.”

The Fast Start feature promises users a working computer within 12 seconds, and there’s a 256GB solid state drive, which “delivers 60 percent faster booting than a Samsung hard disk drive laptop.”

There’s an “advanced lithium-powered battery” which promises to last up to three times that of a standard Samsung notebook battery, and a 1.3M HD webcam enabling clear recording of video and images.

The Notebook RC series pushes the visual angle, with its “simply vivid experience… ultra bright and clear high definition screen.”

“With an HD LED display delivering up to 300nit brightness, the Notebook RC Series is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to bring their world to life with bright, sharp and naturally vibrant colour”.

Packed inside the Notebook RC is the Intel Core i5 Processor, Windows 7 Home and NVIDIA Optimus graphics card, making the notebook a great multitasker as well as a brilliant entertainment hub.

Samsung also releases two new netbooks: the Netbook NC Series, and the Netbook NS310.

The NC Series offers a display delivering up to 300nit brightness. “Both models in the Samsung Netbook NC Series deliver outstanding battery-powered performance. They’re also designed to simplify everyday tasks with genuine Windows 7 Starter, an extremely fast start-up.”

“Both models – the NC210 and NC110 – are great options for everyday users who want vivid mobile PC experience and key features at an affordable price.”

On the other hand, the new Netbook NS310 “unites premium styling with a power packed performance to create an essential lifestyle accessory.”

“With its exclusive designer look blending elegant curves and vivid colours, the Netbook NS310 is both a mobile computer and a high fashion accessory that simply demands attention.”

But with netbooks lagging in sales internationally, and tablets the new rage, we wonder if it’s Samsung’s Galaxy Tab that’s going to prove more commercially enticing to customers.

* The new Samsung notebooks and netbooks will be available in NZ from March. Their Galaxy Pad is already on the market here.

Samsung 9 Series notebook

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