Pizza iPhone app launches in NZ

The press release says it’s “Australia’s number one free iPhone application”, and now it has launched in NZ with a big party in some swanky down-town bar that Witchdoctor didn’t attend.*

It’s the Dominos Pizza iPhone app, and apparently it allows the consumer to order more than a million pizza combinations. Quite how that is possible isn’t explained. We didn’t know there were that many food ingredients on the face of the earth, edible or otherwise. Perhaps Dominos cooked up a bunch of new ones in a laboratory somewhere, along with its iPhone app.

Okay, so people like pizza. We understand that. But do iPhone users like Pizza – and specifically Dominos – so much that they made the Dominos app the number one free download? Does that mean that Australia is a nation of pizza-face fanatics? And is NZ to follow?

Pizza can be an enjoyable convenience food, in moderation, but it’s not an everyday delight for anyone who doesn’t want to soak up loads of saturated fats from all that dripping cheese.

It kind of puts a lie to the idea that iPhone users are at the more sophisicated end of the spectrum, as well. I mean, Dominos isn’t exactly the top-end of the pizza chain, culinarily speaking. GARY STEEL

* The two available Witchdoctor representatives are dyed-in-the-wool vegetarians, who don’t eat pizza unless the cheese is rennet-free. Commercial pizzas use animal rennet in their cheese. Rennet is made from rennin, an enzyme that is secreted in the fourth stomach of calves, lambs, and goats. It is most often derived from the dried and ground stomachs of unweaned calves.

Read more: What Is Animal Rennet? |

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  1. mmm meat pizza, meat pizza, MEAT PIZZA!

  2. Gary Steel! Please contact me! Emails to your regular contact address have bounced. – Ron

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