Olive 06HD Video Preview

Olive’s flagship 06HD audiophile HDD music player has just hit the streets, here are my impressions of the swanky new device – captured on Witchdoctor’s exclusive FlipMinoHD ‘shaky cam’.
Having had the best part of the Xmas break with the Olive 06HD was fortuitous as it gave me enough time to really get to terms with its operation and assess the very impressive sound quality.

A few foibles regarding the ergonomics and less than favourable remote control didn’t detract from the lush, involving SQ -especially with high-res content, while the build quality and styling ensure (in my books at least) that the 06HD would be a superb centrepiece for an over-achieving system.
It’s not cheap, but as they say – quality remains long after the price is forgotten…

Full review to follow.


  1. The HDMI video out is for using your TV screen as a monitor Gary. Thereby getting past the issue of not being able to see the Olive’s screen while sitting down…..
    Good review though – thanks for that

  2. No worries Tony, I do make mention of the HDMI output for use with a monitor at approx 4.09 into this exclusive video presentation.
    Cheers – Gazz

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