New Plinius Integrated Amplifier Released

Following on from its 30 year anniversary, Plinius has released a new integrated amplifier – the Hautonga.

This is a 200 watt per channel amp (into 8 ohms) with the look and feel of the limited production Plinius anniversary components.

The amp has benefited from careful attention to the circuit layout with shorter signal paths, optimal component placement and a new wiring specification. Source access is now via push button switches instead of a rotary knob and pinhole LEDs are used to display the selection. Five line level RCA inputs are located on the rear panel with a phono RCA input and a balanced XLR pair as standard. Pre-out and line-out connections are also present, along with trigger in and out connectors for multi?room or home theatre integration. A standby mode for low power operation has been implemented

There’s a new full function remote, which now includes access to the HT bypass input. Remote mute and volume controls are standard, as is display brightness adjustment and a full complement of CD player functions.

The RRP and availability are to be confirmed.

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