Witchdoctor Forums Now Live

The Witchdoctor forums are now live at http://witchdoctor.co.nz/forums

It’s early days yet, so we’ll keep the layout and structure quite simple and won’t load heaps of subforums to confuse everything.

We’d like to get a real community going around the site and to this end, we’ll be actively monitoring and participating as much as we can. This isn’t going to be one of those heavily moderated discussion forums where someone stamps on every discussion; we even encourage participation from people in the industry, so feel free to register and get involved.

The forum terms and conditions are available here – in short, all we ask is that you be reasonably nice to each other and not run off topic like crazy and things will be sweet.

If you encounter any glitches, bugs or anomalies, or have any suggestions or ideas, please drop us an email using the address in the Contact page at the top of the site.

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