Video walkthrough – Audiolab 8200CD

Going back to the drawing board is a prickly concept for most HiFi manufacturers, but that’s precisely what Audiolab have done with the brand new and groundbreaking 8200 series.

Arriving first on the market is the 8200CD, I was lucky enough to have a couple of weeks with it and to be honest I’m a bit blown away by the exceptional sound quality.

For the ‘yet to be confirmed’ price of around $1700 the 8200CD produces staggeringly good SQ, and along with the obvious silver disc capability it’ll also upgrade the sound quality of your other 2-channel digital sources via the 2 optical/2 coaxial and asynchronous USB inputs.

It’ll even control media servers (such as iTunes/Windows Media player etc) via the supplied remote control.

Audiolab have thrown the book at the 8200CD, ex-Pink Triangle digital guru John Westlake was commissioned to design both players in the new range, proclaiming them to be the finest he has ever designed.

While I thrash Rogets Thesaurus seeking new superlatives for the hot review I deemed it necessary to whip out the shaky cam for a bit of a teaser video.

Available in January while stocks last. Get in quick:- you have been warned.

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  1. That looks bloody fantastic!

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