Envive TheaterStation Coming to NZ

NZ Audio has taken on the agency for Envive’s TheatreStation Digital Media Management System (or music and video streamer if you prefer that description)

Much like a Sooloos or Qsonix streamer, the TheaterStation is effectively a high-end computer based system that uses hard drive storage to offer access to huge libraries of music and movies, from a single, simple interface. There are two parts to the unit, an LED screen and a server box with the drives and computer/audio components.

The system also offers clients that can be hooked up to the main server unit to allow content streaming in up to 20 unique zones.

We’ll be aiming to get a review unit in at some point in the near future but the TheaterStation will be available in January 2011 at a starting price of $7799 for a model with 1TB of RAID enabled storage.


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