Perreaux Launches New Integrated Amplifier

Perreaux has introduced a brand new integrated amplifier – the Audiant 80i sits below the éloquence range but above the somewhat niche Silhouette series. The appearance of the new unit is very different from any other Perreaux product but that’s to be expected – try finding the common genetic link between any of the ranges in terms of the way they look.

Specs and details are scarce at this stage but the Perreaux news release mentions that the Audiant 80i has plenty of inputs, multiple connections to the internal DAC as well as an onboard phono stage.

As someone who until recently owned two pieces of Perreaux gear (in a fit of misguided idealism, I sold my SX25i to a friend), I’d have to confess to being a fan, so I’m looking forward to hearing the new amp. We should be seeing one in the flesh pretty soon, watch this space.

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