Naim NDX Network Player Launched

Naim’s first dedicated network player will be touring NZ Naim dealers in November and we’ve got first shot at a front row seat to take a listen.

It’s intended to sit in the Naim hierarchy at about the same level as the HDX hard disk player or CDX2 CD player and of course, it’s upgradeable in the traditional Naim fashion with the addition of XPS or PS555 power supplies and/or the new Naim DAC.

The NDX draws from the Naim DAC, with SHARC DSP based buffering, fixed clocks, 16 x oversampling and Naim’s propriety filter algorithms. The NDX is primarily intended to be a network streamer but also offers three S/PDIF digital inputs to connect to additional digital sources. Internet radio is also included, as is Apple approved digital iPod connectivity (not analogue, it takes the digital stream from the iPod’s drive or flash memory).

RRP is TBC at this stage but considering where it’s placed in the Naim range, don’t expect it to be in budget territory.

More information can be found here

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