Turntables in NZ

I’m on a real vinyl kick at the moment, just loving going through the collection while my CDs are feeling more than a little neglected.

After playing with the Roksan Radius 5 MkII recently, I started thinking about how many brands of TTs are available today (hint – heaps!) and how many we’ve got direct access to in NZ, so I thought I’d come up with a list because apparently, everyone loves lists.

NB this is just TTs, not accessories, tonearms and cartridges.

AVID NA Distributors

Brinkmann Audio Reference

Cambridge Audio PQ Imports

Clearaudio Audio Reference

Denon Audio Products Group

Dual PQ Imports


Michell PQ Imports

Music Hall Audio Reference

Oracle Denco Audio

Origin Live Ultimate Audio

Pro-Ject International Dynamics

Rega NA Distributors

Roksan Harmonic Audio

SME Parmenter Sound

Technics Panasonic

Thorens Denco Audio

TW Acustic Reference Audio

VPI Soul to Sole Audio

Well Tempered Denco Audio

This is just a short list more or less off the top of my head and it looks like we’re spoiled for choice. Which brands did I miss?


  1. Hi there, I’m glad that you like my picture. But I think that you should have asked me first. I think that you should mention the name of the photographer. His name is Börje Svensson/Studio Svensson. Please, respond positively
    Kind regards Kent

  2. Hi Kent
    That image has been removed. Sorry about that.

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