Apple admits iPhone f**kup, shock! horror!

You could see jaws drop at WITCHDCTOR HQ when word came through that Apple had admitted to a fault in its iPhones.

It hasn’t exactly apologised for the error, but at least there is an indication that those responsible are at least a little red in the face (with the possibility of a few red blotches on their necks as well).

It turns out that, because of a software fault, iPhones overestimate the strength of their signal, which means that they indicate that calls can be made when they can’t.

While the problem has gotten worse with the iPhone 4 (owners of the sold-out device have found that if they grip the phone near its antenna, they lose the signal), the software fault effects ALL iPhones. Yes, folks, that means that very iPhone you’re Tweeting on right now!

Apple has said it will release a software patch to repair the fault on all models of the phone sometime in the next few weeks. Why it will take a few weeks isn’t clear. Perhaps it’s holiday season for Apple software tweakers in the US.

We say: poor job.

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