The Suffering Hi-Fi Blues

Unfortunately my hi-fi system sounds too good. How in the name of all that’s holy can that be a bad thing I hear you cry?

I’m on deadline, with this site and an editor crying for content and they want it now or preferably sooner than that, not later. So I’m under pressure. Sometimes I like to write in dead silence and heaven help any noise sources in the immediate area. Other times however, call for a bit of music to aid the flow (i.e. break the block) but if I fire up my system, it becomes all consuming and I have to listen, not write. Which plays havoc on the bank account because when you get paid by the word, no words equals a visit to the poorhouse.

I theorized a long while back that if you can do something else while music you love is playing on your hi-fi, then it’s not working properly. Something is missing, maybe the final degree of involvement and emotion. I’ve got all of that in spades, so background music is a no go in this room.

Aren’t I lucky? System synergy is king and I’ve got a setup (however arcane) than works for me. I can always turn the system off if I absolutely have to. That’s better than owning a system I always want to turn down or off.

(They say a picture says a thousand words – the image to the left cuts to the heart of one of the most important parts of my system. I still love these amps)

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