Readers’ cats

One thing I’ve never seen on a technology website is a section devoted to readers’ pets or, more specifically, interactions between pets and technology.

[Okay, cue someone to link me to a site dedicated to pets and technology].

Anyway, just to show that tech geeks do in fact have soft hearts, I’m starting a trend. In the two years since I met my stray cat (now a very domesticated moggy) she has never gone near my ancient Perreaux power amplifier. Until three days ago, that is. She has suddenly picked up on the fact that it generates rather a lot of heat, and despite the fact that it’s not a soft surface, and that it has rather sharp, uncomfortable fins on either side, she’s been parked on the amp day and night since she discovered it – irrespective of whether it’s sunny outside.

She’s a Purreaux fan.


  1. Klezmer does the same on our Yamaha amp and Zak says “don’t let Gary know…”

  2. A travesty 🙂 Call me cold if you will but I like my audio gear to live in a “pet-free, smoke-free, compassion-free” room. The cats have the rest of the house to occupy themselves.

  3. Been to Turned On Audio in Onehunga yet? It’s worth it just to observe the lazy antics of Chairman Miaow luxuriously toasting herself on top of a Pass Labs Class A amplifier.
    An expensive heater to be sure, but you can’t criticise that moggy’s taste in heaters

  4. Maybe they should rest the Pass Labs amp on top of Chairman Miaow? The isolation might be profound and there may well be noticeable sonic benefits. It would be way cheaper than an SRA platform…

  5. Yeah, don’t try moving the Turned On Audio cat – you’ll get the shit scratched out of you.

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