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May 14, 2024
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Logitech Signature Slim Combo K950 Keyboard & M750 Mouse

PAT PILCHER bashes out his review on Logitech’s new and nicely-priced keyboard and mouse combo and is highly impressed.


For those who work at home and in an office, Logitech’s Signature Slim K950 Keyboard/M750 Mouse combo is a solid wireless double act that proves good things need not cost you a spare kidney or firstborn.

The K950 sports a clean, uncluttered design that takes a lot of its cues from Logitech’s MX keyboards. Its grey chassis gives it a clean, uncluttered look and being a Logitech widget, it’s also sturdy.

It’s a slim wee number too. In addition to the usual assortment of QWERTY goodness, you also get a number pad and navigation keys. Its function keys also include options for firing up the snipping tool, voice dictation and mic muting; all handy features that home office workers are going to need more than once. A particularly nice touch is the K950’s dual-labelled function keys which cover both Windows and Mac users.

From an ergonomic standpoint, the K950 has a slight slope and an adjustable stand for a comfy experience. It also has feet on its underside. These act to raise the keyboard and give it at a steeper angle. The stand also contains the battery compartment and a wee stowage spot for the Logitech BOLT USB receiver, which makes it harder to lose.

Logitech’s M750 mouse is petite and covered in a grippy, rubberised material. Like most modern mice, the MM750 plays nice with southpaws and right-handed clickers too. It sat comfortably in my hand but those with larger hands might find it a tad too small.

The M750 sports two buttons on its left side. A scroll wheel is housed at the top front of the mouse but it isn’t electromagnetic like the MagSpeed found on the MX Anywhere 3S. It’s not a biggie, but would have been a nice addition.

The M750 has plenty happening on its underside. As you’d expect there’s a sensor, a power switch and an ‘Easy Switch’ button, which which allows the mouse to switch its Bluetooth connectivity between up to three devices. There’s also a battery door that’s home to the included AA battery and a Logi Bolt USB receiver. Logitech says you’ll get an impressive 20 months of battery life with Bluetooth and an even better 24 months with the LogiBolt USB doodad.

I initially thought the K950 was a mechanical QWERTY beast but it turns out that it uses scissor-actuated membrane mech. For anyone used to bashing out text on a laptop, the feeling is very similar in that the key action feels comfortable, offering decent tactile feedback. It might not have the snappy precision of mechanical key switches but offers up a decent and accurate typing experience, which is also partly due to its indented keycaps.

The K950 shone when it came to connectivity. It not only supports Bluetooth but also comes with a Logi Bolt USB receiver for older non-Bluetooth-equipped hardware. For anyone working in both their home and at an office, the good news is that the Signature Slim K950 can pair up with three devices. Migrating between different PCs or a PC and Mac felt effortless with the K950. The Logi Bolt receiver also broadens OS compatibility. According to Logitech’s bumf, the K950 will play nice with ChromeOS, Linux, Windows and macOS.

While there’s lots to like with the K950, the absence of backlit keys is a bit of a downer. While backlighting is arguably a battery drain, backlit keys are pretty much a near-standard option nowadays and make typing in darker conditions just so much easier.  Speaking of battery drain, it’s powered by 2x AA batteries which seem to last forever (Logitech says the K950 will get up to 36 months of use from one pair of batteries). As with anything, however, your mileage will vary depending on how often you’re bashing out text/gaming etc.

Being Logi gear, you also get their excellent utility app, Options+, which adds a pile of nifty features with minimal blood, sweat or tears on your part. My Favourite is Smart Actions. These are essentially macros which can be assigned to a key/key combo to perform otherwise time-consuming tasks. Function keys can also be assigned to launching apps or for keyboard shortcuts. For automating workflow, the K950 and Options+ really proved to be the business.

Keyboards and mice might not be the most exciting peripherals in an age of AI, but they’re vital. When a keyboard is bad, you’ll soon notice it and when they’re good (like the K950), day-to-day qwerty bashing becomes less of a chore. The K950 provides a super comfy typing experience. Add to this a well-thought-out design, great connectivity options and the extended functionality that the Options+ utility adds to the mix and there is plenty to like. The M750 is a solid and well-executed/featured mouse. With Logitech’s keyboard and mouse combo priced at a wallet-pleasing $179.95, it’s great value for money too.



Pat has been talking about tech on TV, radio and print for over 20 years, having served time as a TV tech guy and currently penning reviews for Witchdoctor. He loves nothing more than rolling his sleeves up and playing with shiny gadgets.

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