Test Ratings

The Witchdoctor Ratings System

Any product review with a star rating has been tested in person by one of the team. It is assessed over a number of aspects including:



Build Quality


Ease of Use

Audio/Visual Performance

Value for money



The product will also be compared against its competitors and then its overall performance is rated on a star basis, with one star being the worst and five stars being the best possible rating. The ratings break down as follows:

1 Star Truly and horribly dire. Don’t walk away from this product, flee for your life!

2 Stars A below par performance. Not worth consideration.

3 Stars A good product. Not a sterling performer in its class but you won’t dislike it.

4 Stars A very good performance. Highly recommended.

5 Stars As great as it ever gets! A massively competent and complete performance. Happiness embodied etc.

Half stars are awarded (i.e. 4 and a half stars) where a product is just nipping on the edge of the next rating but is held back by a minor flaw.