Panasonic’s LCD Full HD 3D Home Projector

Panasonic has announced what it says is the world’s first LCD full HD 3D home projector.
Rena Yotsu from Panasonic in Japan demonstrated the projector to New Zealand media last week.
Chris Key, Panasonic’s NZ Marketing Manager, says: “The AE7000’s light engine uses super high speed LCD technology that supports refresh rates at 480Hz, which is double the speed of the next fastest imaging technology available today.”
The advent of the AE7000 ties in with next year’s Olympics event in London, and its commitment to use Panasonic gear and 3D technology.
The AE7000 also boasts that it packs a bigger punch when it comes to showing 2D content, with triple the contrast compared to previous models.
* The AE7000 retails in NZ for $5699, and is hitting retail in a week or two. You can be sure that our projector specialist, Gary Pearce, will get his filthy hands on the AE7000 as soon as it hits the tarmac.

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