Icehouse ’80s Classic Gets Deluxe Reissue

The barrel-loads of remastered reissues and deluxe box sets have abated since the digital download took sway over listener habits. But going against this tidal-wave, Universal is to release a deluxe package celebrating the 30th anniversary of ’80s Aussie pop classic, and landmark Icehouse album, Flowers.
Flowers is the group’s debut album, and is the start of a reissue programme after Universal signed a new deal with Icehouse man Iva Davies.
The album, in shops on June 13, has been “reinvented” as a three-disc set, but also marks the first time the Icehouse catalogue will be available via download. Flowers was originally the name of the band, who had to change their moniker when they discovered that name was already in use elsewhere.
The album made it to Number 2 on the NZ charts, and lingered on the charts for 82 weeks, reaching platinum status.
The 30th Anniversary Edition of the 1980 album Flowers will feature three bonus tracks, along with a 19-track disc of live recordings and a DVD of rare live footage, which contains five tracks from the group’s appearance at NZ music festival, Sweetwaters, and interviews.


  1. It’s a great album, full of Reed/Bowie/Ferry vocal influences and great tunes. I’m now going to find it in my vinyl collection…

  2. Yeah, I definitely want to hear this again after all those years.

  3. Awesome album. Their best by far in my books. Just happen to have it here somewhere. I remember watching footage of them at that Sweetwaters festival on the tube. If I recall correctly I was too young to go to the festival but not too young to park up the Mk1 Cortina in the local metal dump after the pub closed and party along to this one on the Clarion. A crate of Lion Red and several long skinny twisted silver tin foil things along with a bunch of mullets.

  4. Haven’t heard that album for 20+ years. It was their best album by a long way. The later stuff like “Electric Blue” was a bit soppy.

    I saw them live at the infamous Mainstreet Cabaret about 81′ and at Sweetwaters. Good live band, particularly at the smaller venue.

    Hope they do a decent job on the re-mix and not just produce a bright,compressed monstrosity like so many other re-issues.

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