Holy Obscure Batman!

I always enjoy my trips out to Devenport’s Reference Audio because I never know what obscure audio treasure Peter Hardie will have unearthed since my last visit. Perhaps an almost new in box Garrard 401 turntable (which just wouldn’t fit into my laptop bag) or these bad boys – the rare Technics AFP10 speakers.

Is this the only pair in NZ I wonder? They’re seriously imposing pieces of high end kit and while I haven’t had the chance to hear them as yet, you’d better believe that I want to. Information on the AFP10s is scarce but thanks to Google’s page translation service, I’ve figured out that they were made in low numbers for only two years, back in 1988 and 1989.

The driver complement is made up of the following:

Two 30cm × 80cm planar and a 13cm x 32cm planar. All three are made up from “foam interior mica, natural polymers (chitin) are superposed multilayer structure” – whatever that means.

Apparently the chitin is made up of cellulose pulp and paper with heat as a cross-linking agent giving a similar structure to the chitin found in the shells of crustaceans. The surface of these drivers is dyed using traditional Japanese indigo dyeing methods in order to prevent fading and improve the overall durability of the diaphragm.

The midrange is an 8cm planar unit while the tweeter is a 2.7cm unit, also a planar driver – made of mica with diamond coatings.

An expired auction on TradeMe has the following info:

“These weigh 73.5 kgs each, measure 100cm W x 117 cm H x 47.6 cm D including stands, are 4-way 5-driver designs. They are easy to drive at 6ohm impedance, 90 db efficiency and can handle 150 watts continuous and 350 watt peaks. Frequency response is 35Hz-40kHz.”

Who says Technics should only be remembered for the SL1200 direct drive turntable?

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