Another Turntable Brand Coming To NZ

Parmenter Sound is now the agent for J.C. Verdier turntables and the La Platine Verdier will be available for auditions, fitted with an SME M2-12R tone arm. This TT is an impressively engineered piece of audio gear, which has undergone minimal changes over the past twenty years.

Features include:

– A pneumatically decoupled plinth using air bellows, damped like a car shock absorber.

– The platter weighs in at 16kg and is made of non-magnetic alloy. It is supported by magnetic repulsion, which removes any need for a thrust bearing and reduces bearing and surface noise.

– Two drive options are available, a rubber belt or linen thread.

– A low inertia high torque motor is fitted to a separate housing.

– The motor runs at 33, 45 or 78 rpm and is adjustable plus or minus 5%.

– Two tone arms can be mounted, it comes with a pre-drilled SME arm and a blank for alternative mounting.

– Weight 65Kg.

– $19,500 RRP.

Review coming? You bet!


  1. Hi Ash
    Thanks for the editorial on my new JC Verdier La Platine Verdier turn table.
    I will phone you and arrange a demonstration time of the La Platine Verdier turn table.
    Cheers Jason.

    J.C. Verdier has been manufacturing and exporting this turntable for over twenty years. It is now recognised all over the world as one of the finest, if not the finest sounding turntable available today. This is even more remarkable when you consider how little it has changed in those 20 years.
    Here are some of the unique features which have lead to its cult status: The plinth is pneumatically decoupled via air bellows and damped like a car shock absorber.
    The top of the bellows has an adjuster for levelling the turntable. This is a very simple operation as the three knurled adjusters are on top of the plinth for ease of set-up.
    The platter which weights 16Kgs (35lbs) of non-magnetic alloy is supported by magnetic repulsion and removes the need for a thrust bearing.
    This principle significantly reduces bearing noise and in practice it also reduces record surface noise. Dissimilar metals are used between the record spindle and the platter, which helps to further decouple the record from the platter and bearing.
    There are two ways of driving the platter e.g. rubber belt or linen thread. It is down to the customer to choose which one they prefer.
    I have found the linen is superior to the rubber belt. A low inertia high torque motor is used to drive the platter and this is fitted in a separate housing to reduce the amount of motor vibration from getting into the platter.
    The motor now has three speeds: 33, 45 & 78rpm and is fully adjustable so speed can be adjusted +/- 5% The Platine Verdier has the capability for mounting two tone arms.
    It comes with two arm boards, one pre-drilled for an SME and one blank for an alternative tonearm.
    Weight 65 Kg`s.

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