Well Tempered Simplex Turntable

The Well Tempered Amadeus is one of the finest turntables that I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. I absolutely loved it, so simple, so left field, so effortlessly right. The sound was everything I thought vinyl should be and I was all set to buy one. Then I got a modified Technics 1210 bee in my bonnet after reading too many issues of Hi-Fi World, so I went down that road instead.

Now there’s a new Well Tempered calling for my attention; they should change the name to Well Tempted because believe me, I am.

The Well Tempered Simplex looks much like a simplified Amadeus, which is tough to contemplate given the inherent simplicity of the Amadeus design but Well Tempered Lab’s designer William H Firebaugh has managed to pare it down even further.

There’s a new single layer plinth and…well that seems to be the sum total of the changes based on a look at the photos. The Simplex still features the damped golf ball tonearm system, which completely dispenses with tonearm bearings. The tiny DC motor, polyester filament drive belt and “zero clearance” bearing are also still in place.

How much? $2,999. Gah I want one.

Without leaping to conclusions like a high jumper on speed, I wonder how much I can get for my 1210?


  1. Looks mighty fine Mr Kramer. Will we see this beauty in an upcoming review?

  2. That depends on whether the folk at Denco Audio can be convinced that I won’t grab the review sample and head for the border like a scalded cat…

  3. Hah! Turns out the Denco team reckon I’m not a flight risk. A review unit is on its way.

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