Top 50 Blu-ray discs you may be able to get in NZ… one day

Dan Slevin’s often excellent film blog, Funerals & Snakes, has come out raging about Tone magazine’s recommendations of the top 50 Blu-ray discs.

Why? Well, Slevin reckons that of the 50, 13 are in fact not available here, and can’t be played here due to region coding.

He also slags off the magazine’s misspelling of Criterion “all the way through the article”.

So, what are the Blu-ray discs recommended that aren’t available here?

1. The Thin Red Line, which is due for release in September in the US.

2. The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button (Tone talks about the Criterion edition, which won’t play here; there is a “normal” version available).

3. A Prophet (“not even released in NZ cinemas yet”).

4. The Third Man

5. Oldboy

6. 8-and-a-half

7. The Fly

8. Cache

9. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

10. Dawn Of The Dead

11. Yojimbo

12. Michael Clayton

13. Watchmen: The Director’s Cut

14. The Big Lebowski

15. Oldschool

16. Spirited Away (which he claims may not even exist).

Hey, by our reckoning that’s 16, not 13, but you get the drift.

What do Witchdoctor readers think of all this? Slevin is outraged by Tone’s infractions. Should he be?

And what do you think of Tone’s Blu-ray selections, generally?

Come back and let us know your take on this!


  1. Thanks Gary.

    A commenter on my blog pointed out that Old Boy, A Prophet, The Fly, and Old School are the European Region 2 (or B – it’s so confusing) which is the same as New Zealand so those titles should play. If you can get hold of them.

    Some of the Criterions might get a local release via the Canal+ imprint (they’ve released The Deer Hunter, Kurosawa’s Ran, The Elephant Man and they seem to be using the same restorations).

    But Tone have let their readers down by not even mentioning the “power of hurt” that region encoding for blu-rays brings with it. Blu-ray players can only be made region free by an expensive hardware hack (on some makes only) and most can’t even be made region free for DVDs. My Sony blu-ray player won’t play my overseas sourced DVDs so I need to keep another DVD player on hand just for those.



  2. or you can have a software based Blu Ray player in a HTPC.

    Region coding has never bothered or restricted what disks I import or watch.

  3. Region code free viewing sounds good to me. At the end of the day, region coding sucks. Just this week, I was watching my flatmate’s official bought in NZ Lord of the Rings boxed set. The first two movies are region 4, the third is region 1, which my MacBook Pro doesn’t like at all. Explain that to me.

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