Groundbreaking New Plinius Components On The Way

When Pearce and I hauled down SH1 to Hamilton last week for the Plinius 30th Anniversary listening evening at The Listening Post, we were expecting good music, good company and shiny new hi-fi gear. This we got by the bushel but we weren’t expecting to be drawn into a new product conspiracy that could catapult Plinius to new heights.

Aaron and Aidan from Plinius happened to bring along two secret-squirrel products that they were kind enough to show the assembled crowd on the night. These components are still very much in the proof of concept phase, in fact there’s nothing inside but air. The externals on the other hand are built to the usual high standards and they provoked genuine gasps of admiration from everyone in attendance.

We’ve been sworn to secrecy and if I publish all the photos I managed to grab, I’m quite sure that I’ll end up being shipped South and fed through the press that bends Plinius’ aluminium faceplates, so suffice to say that these are possibly the sexiest bits of Plinius gear anyone has ever seen. These sneak preview shots should give any savvy individuals out there enough visual clues to put two and two together. Alternatively just open an image of the 30th Anniversary amp and CD player in Photoshop, apply Content Aware Scaling at around 60% of the image size and you’re right in the ballpark.

Bloody gorgeous let me tell you, with no corners being cut in terms of finish and attention to detail. They’d be sure to open up an entirely new market for the company. It’s early days yet but it would be a travesty for this gear not to be built, so here’s hoping….

We’ll load news as we get it.

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  1. Oh yes Ashley, this is indeed big news for Plinius fans. I don’t know what I liked more, the form factor or the all-new CD mech. Anyways it is extremely impressive 🙂

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